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Cascade Mobile Mix Concrete & Line Pumping offers a unique system  that is virtually a batch plant on wheels. All materials needed for  concrete production are brought to your site and mixed in our batch  system yielding a fresh mix with no waste, and can be altered for any  specific need. We service remote locations and job sites as well as all  of Western Washington. While we do not finish your concrete, we offer  referrals to companies we trust to do the job right. Call our office in  Tacoma, Washington, today to get your concrete delivery estimate,  253-847-9119. 

Our Mobile Volumetric Mixers Offer Our Customers Advantages!!

Cascade Mobile Mix Concrete and Line Pumping uses  volumetric mixers that eliminate the use of the barrel truck by bring  the batch plant right to our customers jobs. This gives our customers  freshly batched concrete that is mixed on your site!

The advantages are as follows:       

  • We can batch up to 8 yards onsite, and up to 1 yard per minute.
  • Mixing only what is needed eliminates waste and extra charges.
  • Our system allows us to carry extra material on board in case more concrete is needed than ordered, eliminating delays.
  • Our  concrete is metered as mixed, customers are charged for the first yard,  after the first-yard concrete is charged in 1/4 yard increments.
  • The mix design can be easily altered on site.
  • Fiber mesh can be easily added on site.
  • Specialty jobs such as rapid set, CDF, and latex

Concrete Line Pump Truck


  • Pumping concrete is faster than placement using other methods.
  • Pumped  concrete can be placed in areas that are difficult or impossible to  reach by other placement methods. Our hoses can access hard to reach  areas, pass through narrow spaces, travel over or under walls, through  doorways etc.
  • Pumping often results in a savings in labor and equipment cost and cycle time.
  • Pumping  is not limited by weather conditions, (snow, rain, heat) as the  concrete is protected during transport to the placement area.
  • Pumping can be used when the space available for construction equipment is limited.
  • Pumping concrete frees cranes and hoists for other construction operations, such as delivering materials.

Advantages of Using a Concrete Pump:

Our line pump truck is for hard to reach areas that a  concrete truck cannot reach with a chute, such as going around home,  buildings, through a building, over tall walls, etc. We carry 150 feet  of hose on the pump truck, but have additional hose if needed. Call the  office for more information. Our driver is knowledgeable, helping to  make your job efficient, clean and simple.

  • Pumped  concrete can be easier to handle because the flow of concrete is  directed to the exact spot of placement. (Whereas cranes and conveyors  deposit large piles of concrete that must be moved manually).
  • A continuous supply of pumped concrete remains steady and controlled, helping set a steady work pace for the placement crew.

What Makes Concrete Pumpable?

"Pumpable concrete  is pushed under pressure through a pipeline as a cylinder, separated  from the pipeline wall by a lubricating layer of water, cementitious  material and sand (paste)." A concrete mix must be such that the  concrete can pass through reducers in the pipeline system, and can go  around bends in the line. In order to obtain this type of pumpability,  the mix must be dense, cohesive, and have sufficient cement. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Deliveries 24/7 from 3 locations by appointments
  • Dependable delivery timelines
  • Work with homeowners and contractors
  • Residential, commercial, and industrial pouring available
  • Very knowledgeable and trained staff and crew
  • From small to large jobs, we will assist you
  • Locally and family owned company, since 1979
  • Serving all of Western Washington state
  • Our line pump truck can reach most areas


We deliver concrete to Pierce, South King, Lewis and Thurston Counties. Upon request we can go anywhere and are capable of pouring in remote wilderness areas, on barges in our waterways, whatever you need is, we will try our best to accommodate you.

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